Basscraft Music Festival 2023

Reflektion Stage Booking Details

This year Basscraft Music Festival is bringing back live DJ Sets on the Reflektion Stage, powered by RaidPal and presented in collaboration with Tower Productions.

You can access the booking links here:

( Day 1 is fully booked)

To claim a DJ slot during Day 2, copy this code: hj7j-qlot

DJ bookings for Day 3, are available here:

About Us:

Our festival unites artists and fans from across the electronic dance music spectrum for two weekends.

• Weekend 1 – December 16, 17 2023

• Weekend 2 – December 23rd 2023

Event Overview:

MainStage (@basscraftmusicfestival):

Music performances from a wide variety of artist, showcasing more commerical music genres. Performance times varying between 30 to 45 minutes in length.

Reflektion Stage: (@basscraftradio):

Presented in collaboration with RaidPal, this stage will be broadcast via our secondary channel @basscraftradio on Twitch.

The purpose of this feed to cast the audio from all the live twitch-performers to the stage, and to provide some background visuals. The @basscraftradio feed will be multi-casing whatever is being presented from RaidPal.

For a quicker chat and smooth coordination, please send over your set URL and track list and any queries to

Performance Instructions:

Once you selected a time on RaidPal, you must be prepared to go live 15 minutes before your time slot begins.

We ask that you join the artists live stream that is on before you on Twitch and communicate for a smooth changeover.

Be SURE to start and end your performance, exactly during the alotted time. Please avoid going overtime, unless the artist after you is running late or having technical issues.

There will be mods from both the RaidPal team and Tower Productions making sure everything is in working order, and will be assisting in monitoring chat during the event.

RaidPal Instructions:

To begin the booking process, please connect your Twitch Account.

Once you “connected” your twitch account you will see a bunch of “available slots

You must START and FINISH your DJ set, on time.

It is highly recommended to use the OFFICIAL ‘DirtyRaid’, RaidPal OBS Addon.

Link to the OBS Addon:


Add the app as a custom dock to OBS:

From the menu, select Docks > Custom Browser Docks…

Enter a name for the dock (title it: RaidPal) and the url:

Click Apply – the Dock should now appear.

Move the dock to where ever you’d like.

The RaidPal tab shows the events you have joined and the full lineup in your local timezone:

You’ll also be reminded you are not following fellow event channels. Support your event lineup!

Select a channel to see the stream info and push the big red button to start the raid!

The message will appear in your chat as an announcement. You can even use emotes of channels you are subscribed to!

After starting the raid, you can cancel for up to 90 seconds, or until the raid is executed from the Twitch UX.


By participating in Basscraft Music Festival, you accept your set may be recorded.

(you can message us on Instagram @basscraftmusicfestival to opt-out of this)

The REFLEKTION Stage will be also streamed on @basscraftradio on Twitch should you want to view the stage-itself. The @basscraftradio feed will be multi-casing whatever is being presented on the RaidPal stream.

Any questions, reach out via Instagram or email: